Just got back from my appointment with Bishop Peterson. I’m floating. I haven’t felt so good about my spiritual welfare in months. I’ll be partaking of the sacrament again Sunday, and I’m on the “needs a calling” list. And if I keep things up…I may be back at the temple next month. I can’t describe how wonderful it feels. There are a few challenges he gave me…

1. Daily scripture study,out of the Book of Mormon….alone and with Rosie
2. Daily Prayer, alone and with Rosie
3. FHE
4. Read Jesus the Christ, at least one page a day
5. Be careful with dating. Anyone one pushes for a physical relationship before anything else is not someone who will encourage me to keep my standards. Keep time alone and late hours to the minimum necessary. And don’t introduce Rosie to a man I date until I have an idea that there is a potential commitment.

One thing that was helpful was the way he gave suggestions and guidelines, not binding restrictions. Course, with the way things were for me a few months ago…I know that I did need them. I have a tough road ahead of me….but I know I’m on the right track.

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