Rosie’s Trauma

This evening Rosie and I went to Tyson’s house. He made dinner, and we watched “Help!” in honor of Ringo’s birthday. We were enjoying the movie as Rosie fed the dogs popcorn and ran around. Suddenly, we heard a clash of breaking glass, and Rosie started whimpering. She had tripped with a glass of water in her hands, and it shattered. There was a lot of blood dripping heavily, and shards of glass all in her arm and hands. We hurried over to Instacare to have them clean up the wounds. Rosie was so brave, she didn’t even flinch as they tended to her wounds. No stitches were needed, just some Dermabond. She’ll be good as new in a few days.

After Instacare, we went to Sonic for treats. Tyson said he felt like a daddy watching Rosie be hurt and worrying that things might go wrong. We bonded a lot tonight….and he kissed me on the cheek goodbye. What is up with this week and having people that I have had lengthy friendships with…suddenly have more than friendly feelings for? Tyson is yet another person I need to do some thinking about.

I’m not sure my heart/head can process so much information at this time. As we speak, I’m on the phone with Taylor…and I feel good things from him too. And I’m IMing Steve about our good times together. My life is a soap opera, but much cleaner. This is highly unusual. I need to figure things out….I don’t want anyone to feel led on. I think my life is going manic again. I’m a bit scared.

John Mayer is tomorrow. How would it be to be there?

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