I am driving 85 in the kind of morning that lasts all afternoon….

Words to describe the John Mayer concert? Amazing? Incredible? Entertaining? Eclectic? Steve suprised me with a beautiful pink rose. We ate island food courtesy of the consession stands. Maroon 5 was very cool….although I think I enjoyed them more than Steve did. Lizzy is going to burn me a copy of “Songs about Jane.” Ralin was there on a meet-and-greet. Boy was I jealous!

I have heard that John Mayer is one of the most underrated guitarists of the day, and I would tend to believe it. The video screens on the sides of the stage did many closeups of his hands, which were simultaneously burning up the strings. I was soooo impressed. Here is his set list courtesy of johnmayer.com

July 8, 2004 Salt Lake City,UT (NaCl-ville)

No Such Thing
New Deep
Whe Georgia
Come Back to Bed
My Stupid Mouth
Something’s Missing
Not Myself
Your Body is A Wonderland
Old Love
Bigger Than My Body
Encore: Tracing (new for next album) Back to You, Neon

If I ever was a John Mayer fan…it is now! I decided to spend some money on some souveniers. I got a pink and white wristband, some stickers, and a blue t-shirt with a construction vehicle that says “DIG!” on the back. Afterwards Steve and I went to Denneys and got peanut butter cup pie drizzled with caramel. MM MM Good! Very fun night, right up there with the BNL concert.

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