Flying Solo on Friday

Friday night I went to the Octapella concert alone at Brigham Young park. I had never seen them before, but they were very fun to see! They do a little cheezy choreography with the show, but they have some great numbers. I especially liked “Kiss the Girl,” “Light in your Eyes,” and “BALD-hemian Rhapsody.” I would have bought their CDs had I brought cash. Tyson and I had mentioned getting together for the performance, but he ended up staying home.

Afterwards I went to Trolley Square for the Steve Ames dance. It was free (Ladies Night!) so I figured what the heck. I didn’t know anyone but Mark Eborn (cute bookstore boy…who asked me if I wanted to M-O again. LOL) I met up with some girls and they were fun to chill with. I did some kareoke (“Building a Mystery”) There were a few people at the dance which I loved chilling with. One was Bryce who was in SLC visiting from BYUI (originally from Cali) and he was a total cutie. Only been home from his mish for a month or so, so a bit on the awkward side….but we had a great time Kareokeing to “LOVE SHACK!” I also met Wade, who invited me to Dees with some other people.

There were eight of us at Dees. We played some fun icebreakers like Two Truths and a Lie, and Describing our First Kiss. Wade was pretty flirty with me, but a guy named Nate also caught my attention. He was a bit of a trophy boy (Duke grad, Marketing job with Zions Securities, drives a sweet bimmer, used to model for Quicksilver) and although we exchanged numbers, I doubt I’ll hear from him again unless it is with this group. It’s been a while since I’ve gone out after a dance, and I didn’t get home until 4 am. I was sleepy, but it was nice having the option to sleep in until 9:30.

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