Monday, Monday

Finished my workfile! My outstanding A/R is at $201K, which is the lowest it has ever been (since Oct 2003 at least, when we were assigned personal workfiles)

Filled in all the important co-workers about Taylor. Most were suprised, but highly excited and congratulatory. Talked to Ben, who works at Shane Co….he said he’ll hook us up.

Got Taylor’s VM each time I tried calling him today. He left a cute one back for me, I saved it and replayed it. Oh…how would it be to not live so far away….

Visit taught Barbie, who is headed to Bear Lake tomorrow. I’m jealous, her cabin rocks.

Met with Richard Hammond, from Family Financial Solutions. Talked about my options for refinancing my house. My best option looks like doing a 80/20 second mortgage…I’ll build equity faster, and won’t have to pay $55/mo in mortgage insurance. I’ve gotta get Steve off the loan, and my ARM resets in November so my payment would be increasing about $120/mo. He’s going to run my credit check and see what I qualify for…and we’ll meet again next week. Too bad Taylor has less than ideal job history right now…co-signing on the loan would make it much easier to qualify. Not quite sure how to report my income from Linda, though.

Heading to bed to sing to Rosie and read my scriptures. Taylor will be home from work in 45 minutes. Can’t wait to talk to my sweetie.

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