Sunday, July 25th, 2004

Dinner, talk by the Temple, and “Bourne Identity” at Taylor’s apartment. Slept over at Ralin’s and had a great talk.

Saw earlybird showing of “Bourne Supremacy” at Provo Towne Center. Walked around the mall and looked at rings. I want a sapphire. Bought a purple bass guitar. Spent evening at my parents house checking out bass tabs.

Spent morning cleaning and watching Days of ’47 parade. Met Taylor in the afternoon and watched “Can’t Buy Me Love.” (“I want to be with you in a sea of deep blue, together at last….together as two”) Visited Gigi and Pop (Grandma and Grandpa Parry) Had a very good talk with them, they seemed very impressed with Taylor. Grandpa talked a lot about his life….war stories, living in California, his mission, getting married as a BYU student and optometry school…I now wish I would have had a tape recorder to save it.

We dropped Rosie off at Karen’s house again, and headed back to my house. He played a little guitar for me, I played a little bass for him. Crashed on the couch for a little nap. Talked about the future. Went to Usana for the Ultimate Utah celebration (Ryan Shupe, Peter B, Thurl Bailey, Jericho Road, Imagine, Eclipse, Saliva Sisters and Salsa Brava) We had great seats, saw Court and the rest of the JR fan club. I had texted Kirk earlier in the week asking him to have Eclipse sing “All My Life,” which they did. We headed up to the lawn to lay out and watch the fireworks, and amazingly enough, the traffic wasn’t terrible.

Picked up some late night Wendys, and talked for a couple hours, making tentative wedding plans. October seems too far away, we may need to move it up to end of September. We talked a lot about finances, him going to school part time for this semester, and job hunting. He’s thinking about trying to get a job with IHC. That would be so cool!

Taylor crashed on the couch, and we talked in the morning before picking up Rosie. I made breakfast when we got back home….it was so wonderful, we really felt like a family this morning, and I couldn’t have been happier.

Church was wonderful, sacrament meeting talks on Self-Reliance, SS on Faith, and RS on Teaching our Children. The RS lesson had a lot of emphasis on temple covenants and sealings. I made an appointment to see Bishop Peterson Tuesday. I need to get on getting my sealing to Steve cancelled. I told a few ward members about Taylor, and the response was quite positive. I have several people ready to help out with plans. Still not sure about how to do a reception and the other formalities, but answers will come in time.

Just made PB chocolate chip cookies. Time to feast!

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