You try to visit dad in rehab, I say go, go, go

Now that David is settled, he is happy to have visitors in his rehab facility in east Murray. He has been happy to have a change of scenery from the hospital and Aspen Ridge is very homey. He requests that any visits be kept to 10-15 minutes. He is very exhausted most of the time from all of the physical therapy, and a few visitors have stayed a little too long for his fragile state.

He is getting better and better at the assisted wheelchair transfers, and all other prescribed physical therapy. He has been so happy to have some of the foods and drinks that he has missed for so long. He’s been in heaven with his mom visiting from Oregon, and was also happy to have his sister Laurie for a few days. Rosie and I are flying out to SLC on Sunday to spend most of the week with him.

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