Today, instead of getting my last two assignments of classwork done for my Critical Writing class, I only got about a paragraph and a half done. I’m sick of the topic I’ve written on all term, I know I’ve only got 5 more days to finish the class, have major writers block, and everything else to do seems so much more appealing. Today I have…

-Said goodbye to Taylor for a 3-day trip
-Been to the primary activity day
-Went grocery shopping and turned in our recyclables
-Paid ALL our outstanding bills (Thank you, economic stimulus check!)
-Babysat my neighbor’s daughter
-Took a nap
-Took a walk
-Cleaned out the fridge
-Decluttered and took out 3 bags of trash
-Uploaded pictures onto Rosie’s Myspace
-Made devil’s food banana bread
-Made tentative travel plans for Memorial Day weekend (Niagara Falls, Buffalo, Palmyra?)
-Composed this blog

Part of the reason I’m having a hard time focusing is that I can’t submit my current assignment until my prior one is graded (I turned it in 4 days ago, and it’s still not graded). But I can’t turn in my final paper until the current assignment is graded. There’s such a time crunch, but my current assignment requires feedback from the last one. So it’s a bit of a waiting game, but I’m hurried at the same time. The joys of online classes. *sigh*

Just 5 more days to go…

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