Rain Delays

This morning, north Georgia (as well as much of the southeast) was hit by some pretty crazy stomy weather. There were flooded streets, downed trees, torrential rain, wind gusts over 50 MPH, and many power outages. A huge tall tree fell just outside my work window. It’s kinda hard to see from this pic, but […]

Drug-Addict Ants?

We’re still dealing with a major ant problem, and we’re waiting for the condo association to get their act together. Today when Rosie went to take her allergy medicine, the bottle was swarming with ants! Who knew that ants went nuts for Hydroxyzine? Ewwwww!

Happy Mothers Day!

Here’s Rosie showing the strawberries she cut up for the Mother’s Day strawberry shortcake. She did a good job taking care of me with hugs, kisses, cards, gifts, breakfast in bed, and dessert. It was tough to have Taylor gone for the 2nd Mother’s Day in a row, but he’ll be home tomorrow night. I […]

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