Rain Delays

This morning, north Georgia (as well as much of the southeast) was hit by some pretty crazy stomy weather. There were flooded streets, downed trees, torrential rain, wind gusts over 50 MPH, and many power outages. A huge tall tree fell just outside my work window. It’s kinda hard to see from this pic, but on the left you can see the long skinny tree crossing the road. It took down a bunch of power lines in the process. The power went out in my building around 9:45 this morning, and I was allowed to go home around lunchtime.

Getting away from campus was quite a maze of downed trees, diverted traffic, and scattered debris. I used the afternoon do run some errands, do some shopping, get lunch, and work out. In the evening Rosie and I had to return a purchase in Buckhead, and luckily we didn’t get diverted for any downed trees. Rosie needed a bunch of stuff at Target, so we stocked up on socks, underthings, pajamas, a swimsuit, etc. Now that she has fully stocked drawers, I won’t have to do her laundry as often, or have the 7:40 scramble to find matching socks.

We also got a few discounted Easter candy items, but that’s our little secret.

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