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3 Joys
-My family and Friends
-Culture (Music, theater, movies, pop culture)
-Good Food

3 Fears
-Offending others
-Uncontrollable Fires
-Being in debt the rest of my life

3 Obsessions
-Things that taste good
-Trying new things and being unique
-Being “connected” – internet, texting, blogging, etc…

3 Surprising Facts
-I’ve gone to a dermatologist regularly since I was 7 years old (and need to make another appointment)
-I’ve been a bride twice, but I’ve always wanted to be a bridesmaid. I want the dress that looks good in group pictures, but is kinda embarrassing on its own
-I like cars more than the average girl. I can look at almost any car and know what make, model, and approximate year it is. I blame my Grandpa Jack for it…he’s owned over 1200 cars in his life!

8 Things I’m Passionate About
-My husband
-My Faith
-Music and singing
-Having good relationships with family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors
-Making a marked difference in the world during my life
-Getting a good deal

8 Words or Phrases I Often Say
-“On this blog, I read….”
-So, what’cha want to do tonight?

8 Things I Want to do Before I die
-Visit Every Continent
-Sing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir
-Have the option to work or stay-at-home, because my income isn’t a necessity
-Finish my education
-Get down to a healthy weight
-Get cast in a play with a part other than CHORUS
-Go on a mission with Taylor
-Get caught up with scrapbooking and family history

8 Things I Pray For
-My family
-My friends
-Help overcoming my faults
-Strength to be better

8 Things I’ve Learned
-The Golden Rule
-Love unconditionally
-What is right is not always popular
-Nobody’s perfect
-Nothing tastes as good as thin feels
-It’s better to spend money on experiences than things
-What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger
-When life is too hard to stand, kneel

8 People I tag:
Emily, Lia, Brittany, Erin, Jennette, Lori, Brett, Suzy

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