How my Wednesday Went

1. Woke up at 7:00 pm to help Stacey get her kids ready for school, had breakfast, and chatted with Stacey until 11:00 am.

2. Packed up the car, and got back on the 75.

3. Stopped for some lunch at Chick-fil-a in Lexington, KY, at one of the most advanced drive-thru set-ups I’ve ever seen. Btw, their chocolate peppermint shake is fabulous.

4. Stopped in Jellico, TN for snacks, drinks, and “relief”

5. Stopped in Athens, TN for gas, and had a conversation with slack-jawed, super friendly gas station attendant that went like this:

Her: Wow, you seem really happy!
Me: Yeah, I’m going into the homestretch of my trip from Detroit to Atlanta
Her: I’m so, so sorry! I hate Atlanta!
Me: Oh yeah? I’m just about to move there and so far I like it better than Detroit
Her: But it’s so SCARY in Atlanta! I hate big, scary cities!
Me: Believe me, I’ve seen places in Detroit that are much worse than where I’m moving
Her: Well you drive safely, you hear me?
Me: Always. I’ll be seeing my husband soon, so I’ve got good motivation.

6. Right around Chattanooga, received a call from the hiring manager at Emory, asking when I was leaving Atlanta. He wanted me to come in for another interview to meet with someone their hiring for a CFO position. He said that there’s actually two positions open in the department, and I’m in the running for both. He’ll be in touch next week.

7. Made it into my loving husband’s arms at 6:45 in Stone Mountain (with a very full bladder)

8. Ate dinner, relaxed, and fell asleep watching “Get Smart”

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