Prize Winners


Apparently I’m not good at getting people to comment on my blog, or submit for my giveaways. Which is kinda funny because I get 40-100 hits a day, and I always try for the free stuff on other people’s blogs (but haven’t ever won). Someday I’ll post truly fabulous prizes worth entering for (like when we’re out of debt?) However, there were two entries on my blog button contest, and by my secret random selection process…

The grand prize winner is…


Runner-up is…


Heather has won a gift card to a place that will be useful for her upcoming wedding this month (plus I’ll throw in a little extra for your wedding gift just in case I can’t make it to CA for the reception). Jen has won a selection of a few of my favorite things. Ladies, message me with your mailing address and await the splendor!
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