Giveaway: $10 Certificate

I am a total foodie, but in the most equal-opportunity way. I love home-cooked meals, greasy spoon diners, upscale bistros, BBQ joints, fish houses, sushi bars, fancy steakhouses, taco stands, and hole-in-the-wall ethnic spots. I post many of my reviews on my food blog, Unfortunately, my budget doesn’t keep up with food addiction. I […]

CCCC March Madness Winner

Drumroll please!It’s time to announce the CCCC Comment March Madness Champion! The winner is Mary (aka Quixotic Healer) A special feature on Mary will be posted in the next week. She is the winner of a custom made care package for caring enough to comment one of more times for most every post of the […]

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CCCC Comment Madness

The Final Four comment finalists are Lia, Mary, Lori, and Misty….but it’ not too late to win! All are welcome to still participate, but you only have until 12:00 pm Monday to comment to your heart’s content. Winner of a blog bio and custom-made care package will be announced tomorrow night! Who will be the […]

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Elite Eight: Current Standings…and how to bulk up your numbers

Okay folks! Here’s the current top commenters in my CCCC March Madness contest (and yes, I know that it’s April now – the Final Four is in Detroit this weekend) Lia 18Mary 18Lori 16Misty 12Kemi 9Laree 6Partner of a Pilot 6Hizzeather 4 Those with 3 comments: Devri, Elsja, Mandy, JanelleThose with 2 comments: Wahlee, Rachel […]

March Madness – CCCC edition

Hello friends, readers and blog stalkers! Today begins March Madness – and as much as some love the NCAA…this March Madness is CuteCultureChick Comment edition (CCCC)! What this means, is that I’m going to reward the person who comments on my blog the most until April 6th (which is when the NCAA champion game will […]

Prize Winners

Apparently I’m not good at getting people to comment on my blog, or submit for my giveaways. Which is kinda funny because I get 40-100 hits a day, and I always try for the free stuff on other people’s blogs (but haven’t ever won). Someday I’ll post truly fabulous prizes worth entering for (like when […]