Elite Eight: Current Standings…and how to bulk up your numbers

Okay folks! Here’s the current top commenters in my CCCC March Madness contest (and yes, I know that it’s April now – the Final Four is in Detroit this weekend)

Lia 18
Mary 18
Lori 16
Misty 12
Kemi 9
Laree 6
Partner of a Pilot 6
Hizzeather 4

Those with 3 comments: Devri, Elsja, Mandy, Janelle
Those with 2 comments: Wahlee, Rachel N, Gabrielle, Rachel W, KC Mom, Silvie, Tripacerchick, Erin
Those with 1 comment: Lynsey, M-Jed, Jennifer V, Liberal Mormon

Behind in the rankings, but still want to win? Here’s your chance! Your can leave lots of good karma comments! Post either a fun memory we have together, talk about your favorite blog posting of mine, or an ego-stroking compliment for me. Feel free to leave multiple comments on this one, as long as it has substance. Make sure each one is genuine and more than just “You’re really nice” or “Have a great summer,” like those comments from my yearbook that I roll my eyes at.

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