Midweek Miscellany

April is National Fresh Celery Month…eat up!

Spring has sprung in Atlanta. Flowers are in bloom, trees are budding, and we’ve had lots and lots of rain. In fact, enough that the drought advisory may finally be lifted here. But what does rain plus pollen make?

Pollen Puddles. Ew.

Friday I leave for my long-awaited Pilot Wives Club meetup in Chicago. I’m meeting a few ladies at ATL (who need to connect to get to ORD) I finally get to meet so many people that I’ve only been able to chat with online. It’s going to be awesome (as long as we can all get there)

Cuteculturechick.com has just been featured on BlogFrog. On the front page, left column, a picture of me rotates with a quote from me about the site. If I’m not there on your first try, refresh the page.
The USPS is revealing a stamp on April 9th, commemorating The Simpsons 20 year anniversary. I’m super excited to put Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa on my upcoming letters…just wish the price wasn’t going up to 44 cents.
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