Recurring Dreams

For the last 6 years, I’ve been dealing with a variety of sleep disorders. One of the byproducts of my unpredictible sleep has been extremely vivid dreams. There are two dreams that I typically have:

Teeth: I dream that I’m in “normal” life situations and all my teeth fall out. Sometimes I’m speaking in front of large audiences and hit my front teeth on the microphone and all teeth come out. Sometimes I sneeze and propel them across the room. I have had four teeth (in real life) that have crumbled while eating foods like soft white bread and fruit snacks, but I’ve never actually had a tooth completely fall out. I’ve had enough dental work in my life that sometimes these nightmares feel more like reality. According a website I was reading about tooth loss dreams, it signals the fear of transitioning from youth to adult to old age. Also, “Losing teeth in dreams can also point to insecurity about finances.” I guess I shouldn’t be suprised.

Earthquakes: I have never been in a significant earthquake, but I’ve alway been fascinated by earthquakes. In the dreams, I am typically naked in the shower when the quake hits. I am forced to run outside either naked or only in a towel. Most recently, my earthquake dream happened when I was having my sleep study last week. I dreamed that an earthquake hit while I was hooked up to all the polysomnography equipment on a high floor of a high-rise hospital. I fell out of bed, was being choked by the equipment, and Chandler (from Friends) sensed my dire situation from a carwash next to the hospital. He ran up multiple flights of stairs to rescue me from strangulation.

For earthquake dream interpretation, one website says, “Unlike some of the other dreams about natural disasters, earthquakes usually symbolize parts of the dreamer’s physical reality rather than his emotional life. The earthquake in the dream may be representing financial difficulties, health issues, or any number of other problems that could occur in daily life. An experience that is “shaking” you up, and changing your daily life, could be creeping into your dream state and showing up as an earthquake.

Another website says, “Dreaming of an earthquake is a warning: if you can withstand disturbances in life, you will find a new place or starting point. Earthquakes usually stand for sudden changes which take place in our personal or social lives. This dream does not mean that you can prevent these changes, but tells you to be firm and true to yourself if you want a positive outcome.”

As for being nude, the info is all here


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