Feelin’ Adventurous

My plans for the weekends were canceled (baby shower date is turning into a planned-C) and I’m feelin’ the need to get out of town. I get off work early today (due to an late event I worked last night) and I was thinking of an impromptu 24-hour trip. Taylor’s willing to stay with Rosie so she can go to her soccer game.

Want me to visit? It’ll have to be to a place where flight loads look pretty open. You’ll have to pick me up and drive me around, but you’ll also get me to grace your presence.All my usual sites (SLC, LAX, DTW, etc) are booked pretty solid, and my friend Misty in Orlando has to work this weekend. Interested in hosting a vagabond tonight and tomorrow? I’ll need to head back to ATL Saturday night to be back in time for a mystery “special” sacrament meeting on Sunday (“where tears will be shed”)

If you’re within a 4 hour drive each way, I’m happy to drive too!

Comment here, text me, or send an email to cuteculturechick@gmail.com if you want me to come.

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