NKOTB concert photo megapost

Mariesa and Rosie with the banner

We roadtripped to Greenville, SC from Atlanta…all for the love of Jon, Jordan, Joe, Danny, and Donnie. It was fun to share it with my daughter, but just as fun to share it with someone who remembered NKOTB back in the day.

The opening scene

“Baby when you’re single, single….”

Mariesa and Rosie
The band did a set toward the back of the arena right by us. We held our banner high, and got a wave from Jon! Unfortunately, the lady in front of us compained to the usher, and we were asked to put it down.

Raising the hydraulics

Pianotop dance contest

Mother Daughter Concert Love

Shirtless Jordan singing “Baby I Believe in You”

I’ll Be Loving You Forever

Click Click Click
At the end of Click Click Click, they took this awesome still shot, which they laughed and joked about for about 5 minute. The Knight brothers are on the left.

“It’s been a few years and I can’t deny…the thought of you still makes me crazy”

Step by Step

“Step 5 – Don’t you know that the time has arrived….HUHH”

Awesome logo during Hangin’ Tough

A view of our location without any zoom

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