June Update

Last weekend I went to a blogging conference, passed out business cards, and hung my head in shame that I had not updated my blog in SIX WEEKS (what kind of blogger am I??) So now I am writing to rectify this.

In my defense, I have posted at Beauty and the Bypass a few times since posting on Cute Culture Chick. And I’ve had a heckuva month and a half. Here’s the run down.

New Job: I started a new job as a social media manager. I get to blog, curate content and strategy, and keep things updated on several social channels, such as Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. After being online all day at work, I rarely feel like hopping on my laptop to spend more time doing it for myself.

We Moved: At the beginning of June, we moved out of our ridiculously overpriced apartment and into my parents’ basement in Lehi (t’s a great opportunity for us to tackle our debt, you know?) After a week and a half of mad packing, we finally had everything moved. The day after we moved in, there was a sewage backup in the bathroom next to our bedroom. The flooding wasn’t terribly expansive, and most of our belongings were spared, but it still sucked. We had to stay in a hotel for 4 days while the crews ripped out carpet, disinfected things, and dried out all the excess moisture. Two weeks later, we still haven’t unpacked because we’re waiting for the rooms to be recarpeted. We’ll have to repack and move everything out for the carpet guys to do their thing. Almost a month of living out of boxes, and I’m ready to unpack and settle.

Rosie’s Play: Rosie was in Murray Arts Council’s production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. She had rehearsals and performances six nights a week this month, some nights going till 11:00 pm. It’s fun to see how she’s picked up acting and performing like I used to do. But after moving to Lehi, all that chauffeuring took up my life.

Type A Parent Conference: The last weekend of June, I was in Charlotte, NC for the Type A Parent Conference. I had so much fun, and so much to say that I plan to do another post about it. The standby travel was tough though – I ended up flying to NC by way of Rapid City, SD and Minneapolis, and home though Memphis and Vegas.

Keane Concert: Keane is one of my very favorite bands, and I saw them in concert for the 5th time this week. They performed at the Gallivan Center in Salt Lake City, and it was the first time I saw them play outdoors. My friend Esther recently had back surgery, but refused to miss the concert. She came in a wheelchair and I enjoyed the show from the ADA-accessible seats. If you’re a fan of Keane, and haven’t seen them live, I strongly suggest you make that happen.

So, that’s been my June. What have you been up to?

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