Healthcare Rant: When Quality Care Goes Wrong

As I’ve been dealing with many difficult health issues this past year, the U.S. healthcare reform debate has fallen below the Nicole radar. It surprises me that I’ve avoided it, as my career is in healthcare administration. I know it’s an important time in my field, but seven months of unemployment have kept me out […]

Letters I hate to receive

Letters that I’ve received this week, that I wish that I hadn’t opened: “A case of headlice has been reported in your son and/or daughter’s classroom” “A registered sex offender has moved into your building” “The forbearance period has ended on loan XXXXXXX, and payments resume starting March 31” …and of course, all the bank […]

Today’s Rants

Olive Garden Restaurant4749 Ashford Dunwoody Rd NEAtlanta, GA 30338 Dear Manager,I still have a bad taste in my mouth after eating at your restaurant last night. My food was okay…mediocre I suppose…but that is what I’ve come to expect from Olive Garden. It was a lame idea for your big-wigs to make the soup and […]


DON’T LET YOUR DENTIST FOOL YOU!!!! As many of my blog readers know, I’ve had some pretty terrible experiences with my teeth. From my early years, I dreaded visiting the otherwise lovely Dr. Edvalson from church because I knew the visit would end up in bad news, pain, and unhappy parents who couldn’t afford the […]

Feelin’ Ranty

I’ve just been in a bummer mood today. My weekend started out good, going out with Mike and Erin last night. I woke up this morning and went to the RS humanitarian project where I sewed baby sleeper gowns. But when I got home…it was homework time. I know I’ve got less than two weeks […]

My spontaneously combusting mind

Over the last few days, I’ve had a zillion things spinning through my head. I’ve been super stressed and thinking about all the things I could blog about…but tonight is just going to be a ranty, complaining emotion blurt. Usually I blog about the good things in life, but tonight I really need to vent. […]