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Wordless Wednesday: Neverending Detroit Winter


Wordless Wednesday: April Showers Bring May Snow


Snow in the South

On Sunday, Georgia was slammed with a crazy winter storm. The weekend had been particularly rainy, converting around noon into a wintry mix, into a snow flurry. The snow was at its worst just as we ran out the door to church. Church was canceled after Sacrament Meeting, as well as all meetings for the […]

You know you’ll be housebound when…

I looked out the window this morning around 5:30, knowing that there was a snow storm overnight. Apparently, we got about 3 inches of snow, then an inch of ice, covered by another 4 inches of snow. School’s already canceled. Looks like it’s soup, hot tea, and movies for Rosie and I today!

Crazy Impromptu Utah Blizzards!

When I told people I was moving to Michigan in the winter, everyone said “Oh, it’s going to be so cold?” or “Do you know how to drive in snow?” I told them that I’ve lived in Utah and Idaho, so I was used to it. But after two years in California, I had become […]