4th Folder Photo Tag

To lighten the mood from yesterdays somber/inspiring post, here’s a photo tag from Tripacerchick . I’ve done it before, but my photos have been rearranged and reinstalled from the Facebook Virus crash, so here we go with 4th Folder, 4th Photo! This photo was taken in June 2008 of Taylor, Rosie, and I at the […]

Crazy 8’s

I was tagged again by Celeste, so here I go! 8 Favorite T.V. Shows (in no particular order) -House, M.D.-90210-The Office-Grey’s Anatomy-American Idol-Ugly Betty-Arrested Development-Gilmore Girls 8 favorite restaurants -The Melting Pot-El Torito-La Tolteca-Acapulco’s-Cafe Rio-Chick-Fil-A-On The Border Mexican Grill-Chili’s 8 things that happened yesterday (Saturday November 22) -Had a family breakfast at Denny’s-Went to Costco […]