Crazy 8’s

I was tagged again by Celeste, so here I go!

8 Favorite T.V. Shows (in no particular order)

-House, M.D.
-The Office
-Grey’s Anatomy
-American Idol
-Ugly Betty
-Arrested Development
-Gilmore Girls

8 favorite restaurants

-The Melting Pot
-El Torito
-La Tolteca
-Cafe Rio
-On The Border Mexican Grill

8 things that happened yesterday (Saturday November 22)

-Had a family breakfast at Denny’s
-Went to Costco for Dayquil and Zyrtec
-Drove behind lots of stores to get empty boxes
-Took a nap
-Followed the scores of the Michigan-Ohio State and Utah-BYU games
-Coughed, sneezed, ached, and felt yucky
-Went through ALL of Rosie’s clothes; sorted out the too-small and summer clothes, and put the dirty clothes in the hamper, and hung the rest up
-Chatted with a bunch of my lovely pilot wife friends at Pilot Wives Club

8 Things to Look Forward to

-Living with my husband again
-Taking trips to CA, OR, and UT in December
-Girls night outs
-Having mother/daughter time with Rosie
-Blogging and reading other blogs
-Taking a trip out of the country in 2008 (Either Europe or Japan)
-Kissing my life in Michigan goodbye
-Having access to fitness equipment again (I miss having a gym membership, and it’s too COLD to go outside to exercise)

8 Things I Love About Fall

-Changing colors
-Wearing hoodies and sweaters
-Warm socks and cozy blankets
-Baking treats
-The end of the summer heat and humidity
-The crisp smell in the air
-Hot chocolate and Smores
-Having different weather everyday

8 Favorite Places to Visit

-SLC (Salt Lake City, UT)
-LAX (Los Angeles, CA)
-PDX (Portland, OR)
-IDA (Idaho Falls, ID)
-OGG (Kahalui, Maui)
-ATL (Atlanta, GA)
-SEA (Seattle, WA)
-SAN (San Diego, CA)

8 Things On My Wish List

Tempur-pedic Pillow
-120GB iPod (my 30GB iPod is having some technical difficulties)
-Someone to clean out my car for me
-A trip to an amusement park with lots of rollercoasters
-Getting back into practice on the bass and piano
-Be a skinny person
-Start reaching my goals that I’ve set for myself
-Finish my bachelor degree

8 People that I tag…my pilot wife/gf blogger buddies!

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Cpt J’s Wife
The Pilot’s Wife
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Brittany H

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