Social Media and Narcissism

It’s time for some head shrinking! Today’s Topic: Does the use of Twitter, Facebook, blogs and other social media make us appear more narcissistic than we really are? It’s been an interesting few weeks for me. In a jumble of health problems, sleep deprivation, writing my story about surviving lung failure, travel, sticking up for […]

New Meme: Twitter Capture Tuesday

For those of us who joke that “Twitter killed my blog,” I have a new meme for you! Every Tuesday, I’ll host a Linky for you post your best Twitter status screen capture of the week. Whether it’s funny: or wise: Post your Twitter Capture Tuesday screenshots, or links to the individual tweets, here! Make […]

My Evil Cult Avatar

Thanks to Josh Peters, I have an evil avatar to emphasize the CULT in cuteCULTurechick.*** Yesterday on Twitter, Stephanie, aka @sahans, was going through a tweet-life crisis. She was brainstorming ideas for a new Twitter handle. I suggested a few…specifically ones that had to do with her obsessions of Snuggies, BumpIts, unicorns and sparkly things. […]

My Testimony of Twitter

I love Twitter. I really do. And most people just don’t “get it” why I spend so much time on Twitter. Compared to other online activities, I actually spend less time than you’d imagine on Twitter. I thought it was high time to explain why my life has been enriched through my interactions on Twitter. […]

Cutetulturechic’s Twexicon

My social networking habits seem to go back and forth between Twitter, blogging, MySpace, Facebook, and a couple Ning sites like Pilot Wives Club. Currently, Twitter is my online vice of choice. If you are unfamiliar with the ins-and-outs of Twitter, here’s a handy guide to understanding the 140-character microconversation phenomenon. Many words are melded […]


I caved in a moment of early morning insomnia insanity. For anyone who cares to follow me, I’ll be now tweeting on twitter. Note – they wouldn’t let me add the final K in cuteculturechick, so I’ll tweet at cuteculturechic. Just like on LiveJornal. Except I don’t LJ anymore.