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My Last Night With The CRV – The Breakup

honda test drive 2013

Breaking up is hard to do. Especially when you’re in love. John Mayer has a song I love called “Spilt Screen Sadness“, which is about breaking up (even when you know you’re good together in so many ways). “All you need is love is a lie, cause we had love, but we still said goodbye. […]


TMI Friday: Potty Humor

If you’ ve been reading my blog or Twitter stream for any amount of time, you’ve probably realized that I have an insatiable draw toward “potty humor.” I’ve worked in healthcare for many years, and I know quite a bit about how the human body works. But yesterday at work, something really funny happened with […]


Ode to a Certain Irish Airline

No airline is perfect, but a certain Irish airline tends to live up to all these cliches. Enjoy!


Survival Tips For Working In An Office Full of Men

Three weeks ago I started my new job. After 18 months of unemployment, and moving from the medical field to a tech company, there has been a fair amount of culture shock. More than anything, it has been strange to spend my days not only working with people my own age, but working with a […]


Flight of the Conchords Fansterpiece

Flight Fansterpiece If you are a Flight of the Conchordsfan, you’ll love this Fansterpiece Mashup of “Hiphoppopotomus/ Rhymnocerous.” I wish I’d known about this project, because I totally would have submitted a video to HBO.

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Skymall Birthday Wishlist

I love to shop, but not in the traditional “Let’s go to the mall and have a girly shopping spree heyday” kind of shopping. As soon as I was old enough to help my mom clip coupons, I gained mad discount bargain shopping skills. I am true to my brand loyalties, despite buying most of […]

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The Twilight Years

Twilight Years from Tom on Vimeo. For all you Twi-hard YSA’s that are reaching that “cut off point” soon…or who have been that age for a while. 18 and 33…can their worlds collide? “You don’t have roommates. You propose impossibly fast. You got your mission call from Howard W. Hunter. I know what you are.” […]


Tweeting on a Jet Plane

Tipped off by Someday. Brilliant!

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1997 Yahoo! Personals Ads

photo blurred to protect the innocent The summer before my senior year, my boyfriend was getting ready to leave on his mission. We were coming to terms with the fact that I wasn’t going to “put myself in cold storage for two years.” So we thought it would be fun to put up an online […]

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Twelve Utah Christmases

On my first Utah Christmas, my true love gave to mePopcorn popping on the apricot tree On my second Utah Christmas, my true love gave to meTwo years on a missionAnd the Smart family on my TV On my third Utah Christmas, my true love gave to meThree Degrees of GloryTwo years in AustraliaAnd a […]

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