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Retail Therapy

What do you do when you’re too sick to be in public for very long, the gym is a cesspool of sweaty germs, it’s too cold to be outside, and your doctor tells you to exercise anyway? Engage in retail therapy! My pulmonologist recommended that I get 30 minutes of exercise a day, in 5 […]


Skymall Birthday Wishlist

I love to shop, but not in the traditional “Let’s go to the mall and have a girly shopping spree heyday” kind of shopping. As soon as I was old enough to help my mom clip coupons, I gained mad discount bargain shopping skills. I am true to my brand loyalties, despite buying most of […]

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Video Ode to Trader Joes…

Who loves Trader Joes as much as I do? Rainn Wilson (yep, Dwight Schrute) tipped me off to this video taken illegally on his PDA. I could really use a trip to TJ’s right about now…