Rundown of Last Night

Last night was the first time I’ve seen Dan since I played fashion consultant for him last week, and the first time we’ve gone out since our breakup. (the real one!) I had originally asked Steve Best to go…let him know that I still value his friendship and get caught up…but he IM’d me the other night and said he’d changed his mind and wanted me to go with someone that I had more “interest” in. It kinda hurt, knowing that he thinks I’m only interested in furthering my social/love life. But I didn’t want him to feel uncomfortable either.

So I asked Dan….and he accepted. We had dinner at Fazoli’s, then headed the the Usana Ampitheater. We planned on doing the lawn seats, but when I was buying the tickets, they offered very close reserved seats for the same price. Better for the show, but the stage blocked the view for some of the fireworks. We came in as Nancy Hanson was performing. I soooo need to get some of her CDs! I ran into Mark Maughan and chatted with him for a few. He’s so goofy, but he was saying how happy my dad made him (for installing a dish)

Eclipse peformed on this rickety sound stage. The audience area was mostly gravel and picnic tables. I was glad that I had a blanket to sit on. I was in the second row (behind Kirk and Shayne’s fams……Ally is so cute!) Oh how I love seeing Eclipse live! Some of their show included….Live it on UP, Every Other Time, Coca-Cola Loser Auditions (including Dan doing a great Neil Diamond rendition) McDonalds Girl, Africa, Owner of A Lonely Heart, All My Life, a patriotic one (can’t remember, I think it was God Bless America) Danny Boy, and Zoot Suit Riot. (sold the the girl in the second row!)

After the show I talked with the guys…they are all so friendly. I chatted the most with Brandon and Paul. Paul’s little boy Ethan is sooooo adorable. He’s got his daddy’s gorgeous blue eyes (and Paul said to Ethan, “ahhh are you looking at her pretty eyes?”) Dan seemed very impressed by Paul’s sonic lip buzz. I did talk with Kirk for a brief moment. He was there is octoberrose from mingle (who I think he was at the Pearl Awards with) It’s nice to be able to talk to him again without having a crush on him. LOL

We have very nice seats, and the show was AWESOME! Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Utah Symphony under the stars….how can you beat that? A few Mack Wilberg folk song arrangements, many patriotic pieces including a medley of the anthems to our armed forces (Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force, Marines) as well as the Fanfare of the Champion (John WIlliams Olympic Theme) and BATTLE HYMN OF THE REPUBLIC. The fireworks show had it’s moments…most of the big stuff was behind the stage so I missed it…but it was still fun to have the music and fireworks simultaneously.

Traffic was horrid, took about 45 min to get on the road. Afterwards we picked up Rosie and Dan gave me a guitar/singing concert. He played Blackbird and the Bachelor Blues. But when he started playing WILD THING, YOU REALLY GOT ME, and GIVE A LITTLE LOVE TO ME….I had to wonder if he was just playing them….or if it was how he really felt. He held hands out to the car, and I kissed him on the cheek when he left. There were some heart flutters tonight indeed. *sigh*

Today I am selling CDs for Moosebutter, and going on a double date with Anna from work and Chris from Logan (met him from hotornot) Desert Star and Stadium of Fire. It’s all good.

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