Albuterol Jitters

This morning I was in urgent care for a few hours with an asthma attack. It took two nebulizer treatments and a shot in the butt of steriods to get my breathing calmed down. I still have chest pain, jitteriness from the albuterol, a headache and bodyaches, and an ear infection. The doc told me to stay off work for two days, but I think I’ll still go in for at least part of tomorrow.

With my health history of lung failure, I get pretty scared when I have severe asthma attacks. I was so short of breath that I could barely drive the 25 minutes to the only urgent care my HMO covers. I’ve been asthma-symptom-free since 2004, so it worries me that I’ve been having symptoms the last week. I’m trying to get a pulmonary/sleep medicine referral through with my PCP. Two months of sleeplessness has brought this immune system down, no doubt.

It’s one thing to get scary-sick….it’s another to have it happen when your husband is across the country. He needs sympathy too…his car got broken into last night. Grr.

So if any of you want to send me get well wishes, or come to my house and wait on me hand and foot…by my guest.

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