I’m not just tired – I’m zapped. Almost a month ago, I started coming down with a sinus infection. My husband and daughter were also hit pretty hard that week. We spent time at urgent care. We made repeated trips to the pharmacy. We lounged around as a family, consuming ridiculous quantities of Kleenex, Netflix […]

My last 24 hours…TMI Alert

Very ill.6 hours at InstaCare.3 liters of lactated ringers.3 vials of blood.1 shot of Toradol.Most likely diagnosis? C. DifficileSuggested diet? BRAT and popcicles I feel significantly less ill now that I’m rehydrated. I leave SLC tonight for LAX. I pray that the other travelers are understanding. And I get an aisle seat near the lav.

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Inhalation Hazard

It was inevitable. Every hospital I’ve ever worked at, I’ve been a patient at. I thought I’d be getting off easy with a freebie at U of M Hospital, but I proved my precedent correct yesterday. I was feeling a bit exhausted from Sunday’s roadtrip, but otherwise with no illness symptoms. Right after lunch, I […]

Albuterol Jitters

This morning I was in urgent care for a few hours with an asthma attack. It took two nebulizer treatments and a shot in the butt of steriods to get my breathing calmed down. I still have chest pain, jitteriness from the albuterol, a headache and bodyaches, and an ear infection. The doc told me […]