Grrrrr! Thanks, but no thanks…

Sometimes I just don’t get the curveballs that life sends me. I just checked my email and got the most generic “Thanks, but no thanks” email. But let me backtrack…About two weeks ago, right when I got back from my trip to Utah, I received a call from the recruitment department at the IHC Employment Center in Salt Lake. They said that they had an excellent position available and wondered if I would like to be considered. Off the cuff, I had a phone interview, was told all about this very prestigious senior executive assistant position for the LDS Hospital CEO. I got the impression that I was exactly what they were looking for. We talked about the negotiability of the salary, and I thought it would a feasible employment option. The recruiter excitedly told me to anticipate a call from the hiring manager within the next week for a phone interview.

The idea of a completely different life change in a short amount of time really threw me for a loop. I looked at a horoscope that basically said that events from last August (starting my current job) would open up a new opportunity around June 28 (the day I got the call) that would suddenly come into my life that would turn my life upside down, and the rest of the year would be much easier. Coincidence? I thought not. Lots of prayer and pondering occurred, and I felt like this would be a good opportunity for the family, even though a move right now would be difficult with Taylor in another state. It was a more prestigious position, at a more prestigious hospital, and I thought it would be good for my career, and good for the family. I rationalized around all the reasons I should stay in Cali, and decided that I would take the job if it were offered to me. I took the risk of talking to my boss, letting her know about how serious I was about considering the new position. I was pretty confident it would work out.

I had the phone interview yesterday, but it wasn’t with the hospital executives as I was originally advised on my first call from the recruiter. It was the administrative assistant that works in the department, who would have been my coworker. She asked a lot of the generic HR questions, described the position, and said that 2nd interviews in person would be scheduled in the next week or so. I didn’t really get a vibe either way on if she liked me or not, and figured that she left the door open enough that I was still a candidate in consideration.

All day today I’ve been poring over the possibilities of moving, stressed over my possible life changes (as well as Taylor‘s airline interview that was yesterday…which he’s had no answer on yet). My work internet has a new filter that wouldn’t let me into my hotmail. I opened up to a few coworkers about the possible job, and started looking into airline fares for coming up for a 2nd interview. When I got home this evening, I opened my email to read this…

We appreciated the opportunity to discuss your experience and background related to this position. We have narrowed the field of candidates to those whose training and experience most closely matches our needs. Unfortunately, you are not among the final group of candidates being considered.

Talk about an impersonal way to respond to a candidate that was RECRUITED by the company! If they weren’t genuinely interested in me, why did they think about putting my life through mini-hell for the last two weeks? Why did they hype up the job so much…telling me I was a perfect candidate, and one of the most qualified so far? I like IHC, and had a lot of good experiences as an employee, but I also have had a lot of negative experiences.

For instance:

Two and a half years ago, I interviewed for a position at a clinic within IHC. I had a fabulous interview, got along great with the staff, and was practically dragged from the parking lot back in to have an immediate 2nd interview. That interview went well; I was given a lot of reassurances about how I’d be a great addition to the office, and left feeling pretty confident. Within a day, the clinic manager called me to say that I was their top candidate; they were finishing up the hiring process, and would be extending the job to me as soon as HR finished their stuff. Two days later, a 30-second phone call from that same manager advised me that HR overrode their decision and decided to hire someone who had previously worked in that office.

How does a large corporation get away with this? It seems the human in HR has turned inhuman.

I need some reassurances that I’m still a good person and qualified individual. I know I am…but sometimes I just need to hear a few compliments. Can you give me a few comments? Any unleashed rage upon the company that’s left me in such a whirl the past few weeks?

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