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I’ve been a blogger for a few years now, but I never seem to stick with the same blog. I’m giving Blogspot another try. I’ll probably post the same stuff on myspace and this place, so forgive my redundancy.

The good news of the day is Taylor’s job offer from Pinnacle Airlines. He has been awaiting this call for the past two weeks since his interview. He was hired as a first officer airline pilot for a CRJ-200 jet. He’ll start 7 weeks of training in Memphis on August 13. His journey to actually making money as a pilot has been a strenuous, expensive, and unpredictable two and a half year adventure. He’ll be living the dream he’s had for himself since he was three years old.

Life is once again tolerable and happy. We’ve had a lot of trials in the last month, and it seems fitting that the job offer came on July 31st…we can start August fresh.

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