The Medical Profession Speaks out on the Financial Bail-Out Package

The Medical Profession Speaks out on the Financial Bail-Out Package

The allergists voted to scratch it,
and the dermatologists advised not to make any rash moves.
The gastroenterologists had sort of a gut feeling about it,
but the neurologists thought the administration had a lot of nerve,
and the obstetricians felt they were all laboring under a misconception.
The ophthalmologists considered the idea shortsighted;
the pathologists yelled, “Over my dead body!”
while the pediatricians said, ‘Oh, Grow up!’
The psychiatrists thought the whole idea was madness,
the radiologists could see right through it,
and the surgeons decided to wash their hands of the whole thing.
The internists thought it was a bitter pill to swallow,
and the plastic surgeons said, “This puts a whole new face on the matter.”
The podiatrists thought it was a step forward,
but the urologists felt the scheme wouldn’t hold water.
The anesthesiologists thought the whole idea was a gas;
and the cardiologists didn’t have the heart to say no.
In the end, the proctologists left the decision up to the a__holes in Washington.

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US Airways 1549 Animation

All I can say is…INCREDIBLE.

Twitter Confessions

Over the last month, I’ve connected with two of my late elementary/middle school friends on Twitter. Chris and Mariko keep me in stitches daily with their status updates. Last night, Mariko made a random comment about a boy that I’d had a crush on for several years as a tween, and I confessed how I felt about him I rode my bike past boy‘s house on my way to piano lessons for 4 years. We used to ride bikes in the forest, climb trees and chain-link fences, and he did annoying things to me that I now realize were flirting.

Then Chris, one of said boy‘s long-time friends, chimed in that boy had a crush on me too. (Why couldn’t I have known about this in 1993?) Boy and I wrote letters to each other for the next few years after I moved to Utah, and the topics of the letters usually revolved around doodles of people with mowhawks and emo monologues about death. I visited him a few times over the next few years until we graduated from high school. And each time he was better looking.

Throughout the next few hours, I also confessed that I’d crushed on Chris also, but he was dating my best friend Coral at the time. I also visited Chris on return trips to Oregon with her. Then Mariko confessed that she’d crushed on boy also. Who knew he was such hot stuff to the tween crowd?

So many confessions, all at 140 characters each.

Random Quote from Hannah Montana

“I’m from Detroit – I don’t find anything charming”
Hannah’s anatomy teacher

Phelps Phan!

Could my recent renewal of swimming interest have anything to do with this man?

An extra day in CA?

No, I didn’t secretly run off to California. Taylor and Rosie were there for 5 days, and flew out to SLC yesterday morning. Had they stayed an extra day, they would have been there for the earthquake and for the birth of twin nieces. Taylor’s sister Lissy gave birth to Sarah and Phoebe (according to the pictures I just looked at on Myspace) on the same day as a 5.4 magnitude earthquake. I’ll bet she feels like her life was shook up quite a bit yesterday!

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Monday, Monday

Dad continues to make progress. When I went to the hospital this afternoon, his wound-vac had been installed. This machine helps drain out the infection and excess fluid to speed healing from the inside out. They also cleaned up his bandages that are barely dripping now. He did develop a bit of a temperature, but with some ice packs and a fan blowing, it never seemed too out of control. He did need two more units of blood infused, likely from all of the wound vac/cleaning/ evaluation by the wound team. Mom and I rubbed lotion over his arms, hands and feet after Thana (our favorite nurse) washed his hair and shaved his face. He looks a little less like an a accident victim, and more like a man who is just really sick. He’ll likely still be intubated a few more days, so I don’t know if I’ll be able to talk to him before I head back to Michigan on Wednesday. Rosie’s got the 25th off school, so we’ll likely come back to SLC that weekend.

Mom and I talked to a case manager nurse and the HR representative for dad’s department. His billing and pay should be figured out over the next few days. Luckily, he has 32 sick days accrued, which will guarantee full pay until at least Mid-February. We’ll find out the details on his other compensation and benefits sometime Tuesday or Wednesday. In the evening, we had a family council with Bishop France and Jim, our home teacher. We figured out some of the upcoming needs for keeping the household running, such as paying bills, housework, and meal preparation. Jacob knows how to do the Dish installations, so hopefully that stream of income won’t dry up during dad’s recovery. It’s great to have such an amazing support network, especially within our own family.

I’ve been tagged

I didn’t ever get tagged by anyone to blog about six crazy habits about myself, but Lizzie did tag me to devise a list of 5 courses I would take to improve my life. I tag Steve, Zach, Wahlee, Nicole, and Celeste to do the same….

Five Courses to Improve My Life

How to deal with a husband in perpetual training 101: I had no idea in late 2004 that “training” to be an airline pilot would be so complicated. Ground school, private pilot rating, multi-engine, instrument, commercial, Jet U…and now Pinnacle. He’s always in training! His life is dotted with one test or checkride after another. He gets stressed, which adds to my stress. Three years and $100,000 later…tomorrow we should have an answer of if his O.E. is complete and he joins the ranks of a reserve F.O. He will continue to have first-class FAA physicals, type ratings, and other misc training throughout his career. I need a class to train me to cope with his training.

Magnifying your talents, and uncovering the ones you’ve hidden under a bushel 202: I used to consider myself a good actress. I used to consider myself a good musician…dabbling in guitar, handbells, bass guitar, percussion, cello, violin and of course…years of piano and voice lessons. I also was really good at speaking French for a while. I’m sick of how often I say “I used to be able to do that.” I need to rediscover my talents, especially related to the arts. I don’t want to go by the screen name “cuteculturechick” if the only culture I participate is a spectator of concerts, plays, and movies.

Dental Hygiene and slave labor opportunities to pay for massive dentist bills 303: I have bad teeth. I don’t ALWAYS brush and floss twice a day. But I’m more careful with my teeth than a lot of people I’ve talked to. Between my parents and I, over ten thousand dollars (out of pocket) was been paid in my life for dental work. I have another $2600 awaiting me as soon as I can afford it. I have dental insurance, but I still can’t get the care I need. I am thinking of ways to creatively raise funds to help financially support my local DDS.

How to realize it’s okay to pay full price (occasionally) 404: I have never in my life had a point that I felt comfortable financially. My parents said “no” to most of my requests that didn’t involve birthdays, Christmas, and the beginning of the school year….all in the name of “we’re really broke.” I’ve been a college student, with my sole support for a semester being $500 in student loans, and the proceeds of selling refurbished VCRs. I’ve been the wife of a student for approximately 8 years (almost 5 with Steve, just over 3 with Taylor) and a single mom for almost a year. I’ve had times where I worked two jobs, and still had to beg for money from family to pay my utilities. I was raised on thrift stores and clearance racks, and still have a crazy obsession with getting the best price possible. I have a ridiculous variety of punch cards, 2-for-1 coupons, and various discounts in my purse pocket at any given time. I try to get student and employee discounts whenever possible. I subscribe to many email newsletters on how to cut corners and save a little dough. I’m not sure how much more frugal I could be. So when I actually have to pay full price….GAH! I feel like a failure and that I have been ripped off. As Taylor’s career progresses and we get a little less strapped for cash…I will be ready to accept the idea that full price is just a reality.

Coping with the unexpected route 505 (senior seminar): Divorce, illness, unemployment, chronically ill relatives, depression, obesity, bad jobs…there are very few things I know I can count on to be a constant in my life (i.e. the Gospel) I get a set idea of how things should happen in my life, fully knowing that nothing goes as planned. But trials and suprises pop up and sometimes I feel like throwing my hands up in the air and saying “C’est Finis!” This class would definitely have to be taught by someone older, more spiritual, more experienced and more wise than myself.

My Beautiful Rose

Today is Rosie’s 7th birthday. My darling, sweet daughter is 7. Lucky number 7.

In some ways, when she came into my life…I didn’t feel ready. I was young; I hadn’t been married as long as I felt necessary before bringing a child into the family equation. I wasn’t sure if I was “grown up” enough to be a mother. But being a mother has helped me “grow up” in ways I’d never expected, nor could have experienced without her.

From her earliest days (i.e. 5 days old) she was thrust into an environment of people who love and adore her. I was unable to care for her as the grips of death tried to beckon me near. As I nearly succumbed to the illness that almost left her motherless, she was taken in by extended family, friends, and ward members. Her happy temperament has instantly endeared many people to her since this time.

Rosie is friendly, empathetic and caring. She seeks out the sad and shy kids and brings them into her circle. She has consoled me on nights that I’ve been sick, depressed, lonely, stressed, and hopeless. We haven’t had the “typical” family life, dealing with divorce, remarriage, and now a loving husband/father that lives on the other side of the country. But out of these trials and experiences, our bond has grown so strong.

We’re buddies. We’re pals. We’re partners.

She has a zest for life. She scatters happiness and hope everywhere she goes. She has a quick wit and infectious smile. She’s willing to try new things. She tries to act grown up, but then her streak of silliness will remind me that she’s 20 years younger than me.

And she’s beautiful, adorable, cute, and lovely. I could look at her all day. But she rarely sits still long enough for me to keep a close eye on her. But that’s okay, because I want her influence spread around for all to enjoy.

I’m a lucky mom.