Monday, Monday

Dad continues to make progress. When I went to the hospital this afternoon, his wound-vac had been installed. This machine helps drain out the infection and excess fluid to speed healing from the inside out. They also cleaned up his bandages that are barely dripping now. He did develop a bit of a temperature, but with some ice packs and a fan blowing, it never seemed too out of control. He did need two more units of blood infused, likely from all of the wound vac/cleaning/ evaluation by the wound team. Mom and I rubbed lotion over his arms, hands and feet after Thana (our favorite nurse) washed his hair and shaved his face. He looks a little less like an a accident victim, and more like a man who is just really sick. He’ll likely still be intubated a few more days, so I don’t know if I’ll be able to talk to him before I head back to Michigan on Wednesday. Rosie’s got the 25th off school, so we’ll likely come back to SLC that weekend.

Mom and I talked to a case manager nurse and the HR representative for dad’s department. His billing and pay should be figured out over the next few days. Luckily, he has 32 sick days accrued, which will guarantee full pay until at least Mid-February. We’ll find out the details on his other compensation and benefits sometime Tuesday or Wednesday. In the evening, we had a family council with Bishop France and Jim, our home teacher. We figured out some of the upcoming needs for keeping the household running, such as paying bills, housework, and meal preparation. Jacob knows how to do the Dish installations, so hopefully that stream of income won’t dry up during dad’s recovery. It’s great to have such an amazing support network, especially within our own family.

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