David Q&A

For those who are visiting my blog for updates on David, this post is specifically for questions you may have. If you want to know more about a procedure, doctor’s updates, recovery estimations, post a comment below. I will respond a few times a day.

Also, for the time being, only family is being admitted into the ICU for visits. We had a few people come in that were not family that happened to get his privacy code, and saw him in his fairly gruesome state. I’m sure he doesn’t want the general public seeing him like this, so please keep him in your prayers and stay tuned for updates. Once he’s out of the ICU, he will love visitors.

Thank you for all the support we’ve had so far, through meals, prayers, cards, and visits to the house. We’ll still need help for some time to come. I’ll try to answer the emails and voice mails I’ve recieved, but I also have been on the phone for several hours over the last few days.

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