Smart is sexy

“Being an intellectual is not the same as being a snob. Feeding your brain is sexy”Yahoo Horoscopes, Aquarius, 8/15/07 So far, nobody knows that I’ve started this blog. Good thing, since I haven’t posted anything a few weeks. I think about what blogs would be fun and witty to post, but I never actually sit […]

Back to Blogger

I’ve been a blogger for a few years now, but I never seem to stick with the same blog. I’m giving Blogspot another try. I’ll probably post the same stuff on myspace and this place, so forgive my redundancy. The good news of the day is Taylor’s job offer from Pinnacle Airlines. He has been […]

My numbers blog…

Current mood: frustrated What do the numbers 22, 55, 57, 215, 80, 210, 10, 60, 170, 101, 110, 5, 134, and 405 have in common? That’s all of the freeways I’ve driven on today. (blech) What is significant about $158? Thats how much I’ve spent just today on filling gas tanks and paying for my […]

Buddha’s Delight, 5k and Honolulu Harry’s

A few people have commented on my profile song, Buddha’s Delight. It’s the song that’s been stuck in my head all week, and it’s on the “Music and Lyrics” soundtrack. It makes me laugh everytime I hear it. It’s a parody of Britney Spears’ “Toxic.” I completed my first 5k this morning, running approx 1/3 […]

24 Aqua

I went to water aerobics tonight and pushed myself harder than I ever have. I was doing the kicks…but totally kicking out of the water and above my head. I used heavier weights, did more reps, and exercised some muscles I didn’t know existed. Now I’m soooo sore. I can hardly walk up stairs. My […]

Weight Loss Kick

As I’ve mentioned a few times, I’ve been on a big (pardon the pun) weight loss kick since October. I was just scanning through a few pictures from last summer and couldn’t believe that those pictures were me. I was sick of how I looked and how I felt, and decided to make the changes […]