Why I LOVE California

Current mood: happy I just have to say, after a month as a California resident, I really don’t see myself living in Utah again. Unless, of course, Taylor or I get a great job there. Here’s a breakdown of some things I’ve done this month. Went to 2 Nathan McEuen Concerts (Hollywood and Ventura) Played […]

May Updates

Steve didn’t get married on May 7th. Apparently it was postponed, but I hope that Andreina learns the truth about him and gets out while she can. Court is on Thursday, Rosie and I have both received subpoenas (from prosecution and defense) We met with the DA on Monday and it looks like we just […]

Finally Connected

We got internet! I am finally connected to the real world. Although I have to admit I am disappointed that I don’t have any friends that IM me anymore. I can be logged on to MSN for hours, send a few greetings out, and have no replies. *sigh* I am majorly bummed right now because […]

Words from Bruce

Thursday, July 15th, 2004 Current mood: good Current music: Police “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic” Last night Emily and I chatted for the first time since we went out to Kneaders for her b-day. Funny how we always SAY we are going to get together more often, and it doesn’t seem to happen. […]


Just got home from work. Hard time concentrating….it’s not hard to figure out why. But I did finish 92 accounts today…how that happened I’m not sure. I’m in the mood for melon gelato, but I don’t want to drive down to Crossroads. I need to stop by the post office, there’s a certified letter for […]

Finally on LJ

How many times does it take for me to listen to people and actually join the LJ bandwagon? Sheesh. After Emily’s Wahleecon stuff, and Lark’s suggestion…I guess I’ve fallen into peer pressure yet again So tonight I chopped my hair. The breakup ritual. I cut off a few inches, added some layers, and thinned about […]

Cast of Characters

Cast of Characters Nicole – (see About Me) Taylor (aka The Tayv8tor) – 30, California born-and-raised, pilot, love of my life Rosie – 11, greatest daughter in the world The Watsons – My parents: David and Barbara, and siblings Shawn, Jacob, and Mary The In-Laws – A mixed variety of MANY family members, acquired through […]