Rosie’s new ‘do

School starts in a few weeks, and Rosie was needing her bangs cut like crazy. I found a coupon for a kids’ cut at Fantastic Sams, and it had a picture of an adorable little girl with a shaggy short haircut. The caption said something like “A good haircut will assure you a good seat at the lunch table.” She fell in love with the picture, and I think she actually misunderstood that you had to get that haircut for the discount. (She knows how I get about bargains…)

Anyway, we stopped by FS on the way back home after dinner last night. A cute Thai girl (with spiky hair and blue bangs) took three different types of shears and the clipper to my daughter’s head. She made it a little shorter than the picture, but it looks so adorable. It’s a big change, but she apparently loves it!

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