Santa S.O.S!!!

Rosie’s #1 item at the top of her list for Santa is a “Fuzzy orange sweater, size Medium.” I have searched at Target, Gap, Old Navy, Limited Too, Nordstrom, Macys, and even thrift stores with no luck. It can’t be striped, it can’t be cable knit…must be a solid, fuzzy sweater. I’ve showed her other cute orangish sweaters…but none of them have been up to her standard. She thinks that Mrs. Claus will be knitting the sweater by hand…so when I shop for sweaters she says, “Mom, you’re wasting your time!”

So…if you find a fuzzy orange sweater, size medium (and preferably under $30)…please let me know!

  • Emily

    If I had enough time, I’d totally knit her a fuzzy orange sweater! Unfortunately, I’m waaay behind on Christmas knitting. . .

  • Ms. Liz

    I would have started a long time ago if I knew – oh man… I’ll see what I can find. Orange isn’t in this season, not even the fall. *sigh*

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