Historical Blogging

My ldsmingle.com profile pic that Taylor fell in love with…

At the request of a few of my LONGTIME blog readers (as in, those who read my original citrusfruit blog and livejournals) I will be going through my archives and updating this site with my whole bloggin’ history. You’ll see the history of my courtship with Taylor, and all the steamy details of men that I dated before him. You’ll read the drama of my spiritual struggles post-divorce, and the scriptures, talks, and quotes that helped me through. You’ll read about a whole new side of me that many of you really don’t know about in detail. You will see how I’ve grown. And there are a lot of song lyrics too.

I might even copy over some of my blogs from when I was married to Steve? Anyone interested in that dish?

Historical blogs will be found in chronological order in 2004.

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