Did you miss me?

View from First Class of a new Embraer 175

Hello loyal blog readers… Can you believe it? No post in 4 days? It’s unheard of! Saying I was “busy” in Utah is an understatement, but here is the review of my trip. You be the judge.

Visit with dad at Aspen Ridge

Drive up to Bountiful to see Cola and the kids

Drive to SLC airport to pick up Taylor
Lunch at Costa Visa (with unlimited Horchata refills)
30 min nap

Dinner at Cheesecake Factory with Uncle Grant

Another visit with dad

Hung out with John and April

Thursday: Quick visit to my favorite Nurse Practitioner (who neglected patients for 30 min to chat)
Went to Bishop’s Storehouse for my family for necessities, and picked up a few extras at Harmons (like root beer, tortilla chips, pop tarts, Grandma Sycamore bread, and ingredients for Taylor’s salsa)
Went to the Sports Mall and a few other parks to look for MHS reunion sites

Shopped for a baby gift for Nathanael and some work clothes

Visited with the whole Bytheway clan

Ate Dinner at Cafe Rio (free meal!) while Mary was working

Visited with mom and dad at Aspen Ridge

Met up with Esther after Viva Voce (and chatted with a few old choirmates in the process)

Friday: Did an hour of homework
Went to Park City with Emily (outlet shopping!)

Had Lunch at Hires Big H

Attended the private concert in my dad’s room by Nathan McEuen

Went to Cedars of Lebanon with Taylor, Rosie, Mary, Jacob, Andi, Lola and Jeanne

Went to the Tavernacle with Jeanne, and for the first time was unimpressed

Attended the Flash Cabbage and Nathan McEuen concert at New Song Church

Arrived home at 12:30 am

Saturday: Woke up at 4:00 am (yes, I only got 3 hours of sleep)
Packed luggage, headed to the airport, and got bumped from the 6:00 am and 8:20 am flights

Got picked up from the airport and visited with Linda and Corinn for a few hours
Tried to get on the 2:10 pm flight, but again was unsuccessful

Looked into my options back to Detroit, and was mentally preparing for the worst

Endured a tired, teary-eyed panic attack in front of a NWA gate agent

Did the happy dance when said NWA gate agent had mercy on me, bent the rules, and confirmed seat assignments for Rosie and I on the 5:55 pm flight…IN FIRST CLASS

Ate mediocre airport food, tried to nap, and played games on the computer with Rosie
Enjoyed our two hour flight to Minneapolis in First Class of a comfy new Embraer 175

Arrived at MSP, ran across the airport, begged with a gate agent, and miraculously got seat assignments on the last flight of the night to Detroit

Was stranded with no ride and no keys, and was forced to stay at a hotel till Taylor got off his high-speed at 8:00 am

Sweet-talked the hotel employee to give us the crew rate for the hotel ($32.95) if Taylor showed his employee badge upon check-out

Crashed into the hotel bed at 2:15 am

The scariest part of my Saturday airport fiasco was finding out that the all the MSP-DTW flights until Tuesday were full, including connections at Chicago, Grand Rapids and Indianapolis. Even with the airline discount, confirmed seats for Rosie and I would be $750 each!!! We had prepared for the worst, including a rental car and a 14 hour drive back to Detroit. Luckily, we got on that last flight and didn’t have to drive. And it’s a good thing, because I’m running a fever again today with swollen tonsils, and I start my new job tomorrow. Never a dull moment!

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