Some Early Morning Humor

This is dedicated to Mme Underwood, Mme Larsen, and the French professor I had at Ricks (I can’t remember his name, but he reminded me of Mr. Bean):

May I just say that I’ve recently become obsessed with Flight of the Conchords? This is my favorite clip…although Taylor and I have recently purchased the first season on DVD, and have laughed till our guts hurt as we’ve watched it. If you haven’t heard of them, just YouTube them… check out “Inner City Pressure” (a dead-on spoof of Pet Shop Boys’ “West End Girls”), “A Kiss is not a Contract,” and “Business Time.”

  • benseyleb

    wow nicole, you travel a LOT!! you might be tired of it but it sounds pretty exciting to me right about now. hey don’t take me off the MHS blog list just yet…i’m thinking i’ll just be switching my blog over to a different name so that i can leave one up w/ my email address. thanks so much!


  • Rachel

    Thanks a million for putting this up. It has made my afternoon so much sweeter.

  • Mr. Hall

    Funny stuff! I really like the show, though some of the material is. . . well, you know. My favorite songs are: “The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room”, “Bret, you’ve got it going on”, “Hipphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros”, “The Tape of Love”, and “The Human’s Are Dead.” Good stuff!

  • Jennette

    Ahhh, yes… FOTC… Once you see them, life is never the same again. And it’s so fun to quote them too, except when you’re quoting to people who have never heard of them. I even included a picture of them as the robots in a powerpoint presentation for my health care class a couple months ago to talk about the “distant future”. Nobody got it…

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