Crazy July Schedule

Taylor left on another 4-day trip today. I feel like I’ve hardly seen him the past month. 4-day trip, then Cali for 3 days, then 4-day trip, then to SLC (together) for 3 days for the funeral, then 4-day trip, and three days off (which I worked 2). Once he gets back from this trip, he’s taking Rosie to Cali for 5 days (She hasn’t been back since December), flying her to SLC to wait a day till I go to SLC for my high school reunion. Taylor will be on another 4-day trip, so he’s missing the reunion. He actually has been getting 14-16 days off per month the last 3 months, but he’s gone almost every weekend. At church today, I was realizing it’s been over a month since we’ve gone together, and he won’t be home for at least the next two Sundays.

It’s a blessing to have the flight bennies. Especially when you get on your first-choice flight. While Taylor and Rosie are in California, I’ve been contemplating taking a quick overnight trip somewhere. I don’t think its a good idea to fly all the way out to Cali just for one day (when I did so in May it took a week to recover) when I’ll be back in SLC the next weekend. Car rentals are disgustingly expensive right now, so I probably shouldn’t plan on a city that I’d be on my own. I’m not too excited to spend a weekend at home, since our air conditioning is broken at our apartment, and who knows how long it will take maintenance to fix it.

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