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Review: Six Nutrition Vitamins for Men

As a blogger, I get a fair amount of emails from brands and PR agencies to do product reviews on my blog. Recently, I was asked to do a review of Six Nutrition Vitamins for Men. I replied to the email saying, “I am not a man, but my husband is. And he is willing […]

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I’m Moving to Michigan

Last night I updated my Facebook status, and mentioned our family’s move to Michigan at the end of the post. The general reply? “Whaaaat? No! You’re Moving? Did I miss your announcement?!?” Although I’ve been talking about our upcoming move for several months, I guess it’s never been official because I didn’t make a big […]


Nine Years

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9 years 8 cars we’ve roadtripped in 7 days a week of “Taylorsmiles” 6 months from 1st date to marriage 5 years to finish college algebra and get your degree 4 states (Utah, California, Michigan, Georgia) 3 domiciles (DTW, ATL, MEM) 2 surgeries (and another one this week) 1 borrowed Toad the Wet Sprocket CD […]


My Funny Valentine

Eight and a half years. Four states. Six moves. Adventures galore. And I still get excited every time you walk into the room. So many people said that meeting a guy I met on the internet wouldn’t work out. So many people said it was a bad idea for a newly-divorced single mom to be […]


Flashback Friday: “All I Want” by Toad The Wet Sprocket

Toad The Wet Sprocket The first time I heard the name “Toad the Wet Sprocket” and the beginning drum beats of “All I Want” played, I was immediately a fan. Can you instantaneously fall in love with a band off of their name and 5 seconds of a song? In the case of me in […]


Bullock Family Christmas Card 2012

One hundred Christmas cards are in the mail, but I couldn’t send them to everyone. So instead, I’m posting it online for all my readers to see. Don’t you feel lucky? I failed to write a Christmas letter to go along with our cards, so I’ll give a little update on what our family has […]


When He Leaves

Sometimes it’s really hard to be married to a man who spends more time away from you than with you. Every month around the 22nd, he gets his schedule for the next month. It’s usually a celebration of a good amount of time off, or cursing the work rules that make commuting a near impossibility. […]

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The Graduate: Aviation Professional Pilot

After years of effort, three schools, several majors, student loans, and the blasted algebra class that would never end….Taylor did it! He graduated from Utah Valley University’s Global Aviation Program. He achieved the much-desired Bachelor of Science degree, Aviation Professional Pilot. It was a little strange to be on UVU’s campus, as Taylor’s program was […]

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The Hottest Couple, This Side of the Wasatch Fault

I love getting my picture taken. I’m blessed with face photogenic enough to make up for everything else I don’t like about my voluptuous body. My husband, on the other hand, isn’t thrilled about gettingĀ  captured on camera. When he smiles for a picture, he poses his face into something I’ve affectionately called his “Taylorsmile” […]

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Valentine to my Tayv8tor

In Your Eyes Love I get so lost, sometimes Days pass And this emptiness Fills my heart When I want to run away I drive off in my car But whichever way I go I come back to the place you are All my instincts, they return And the grand facade So soon will burn […]

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