The Hottest Couple, This Side of the Wasatch Fault

I love getting my picture taken. I’m blessed with face photogenic enough to make up for everything else I don’t like about my voluptuous body. My husband, on the other hand, isn’t thrilled about getting¬† captured on camera. When he smiles for a picture, he poses his face into something I’ve affectionately called his “Taylorsmile” (as pictured above). I’ve been bugging him for ages to get portraits taken of the two of us. The last time he humored me was the week before he proposed to me in 2004. For my birthday this year, he finally agreed to it. I got my portraits.

It took a lot of coaxing. He didn’t want to get overly dressed up. He didn’t want to be matchy-matchy. He wouldn’t wear the argyle sweater I’ve been pleading for him to wear for 2 years. He wanted to go with his usual black shirt and jeans. And I had to bargain with him to put decent styling product in his hair.¬† But ultimately, I did get what I wanted:

A real smile from my Tayv8tor!

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