I’m Moving to Michigan

detroit map pinLast night I updated my Facebook status, and mentioned our family’s move to Michigan at the end of the post. The general reply?

“Whaaaat? No! You’re Moving? Did I miss your announcement?!?”

Although I’ve been talking about our upcoming move for several months, I guess it’s never been official because I didn’t make a big to-do on social media.

So here’s the official announcement. Through the months of November and December, our family is moving back to the Detroit area. Taylor and I are driving out one car full of stuff on November 3rd, and the moving truck will probably come the first week of December once we’ve found a place to live. In the mean time, I’m going to stay with a family from our old ward for the days I’m in town. I’ll be in Salt Lake at various times through the next 5 weeks, but it’s going to be pretty busy with packing and moving preparation.

michigan mitten map print

To address the fact that it’s DETROIT I’m moving to: Yes, I know the city is bankrupt. Yes, I know the winters are cold. Yes, I know that it’s far away from Utah. Yes, I know you don’t like X sports team. But I’m okay with it. Our family needs this. And we’ve lived in Michigan before, so we know what to expect.

Taylor was transferred to Detroit back in March. He’s been commuting to Memphis for the last 4 years, but it hasn’t been too terrible because he could jumpseat on FedEx flights. Since he’s been based at DTW, he’s been dealing with two big stressors: living in a crashpad and commuting back and forth on standby. Both Detroit and Salt Lake City are Delta hubs, which means that a lot of passenger traffic gets rerouted at the last minute. He thinks he has a way home, then gets bumped. Or has to route through another city. It’s enough to take his 2-4 days home down to 1-3, and sometimes he’s home less than 24 hours before he’s gone another week. He’s hating crashpad life: 15-25 pilots sharing a hotel room full of crappy bunkbeds and one bathroom. Seven months of that torture has been enough to consider a career change. I don’t want him to quit his dream without giving life in Detroit another try.

michigan leavesRight now I’m being considered for a few different jobs, and will be flying out to Detroit for interviews in a few days. I’ve been job hunting for months, but earlier in the year didn’t turn out to be the right time to move. Now it is, and we’re being proactive. It’s scary to put moving expenses on a credit card and not know when I’ll have work, but sometimes a leap of faith is necessary.

It’s going to be difficult to leave Utah. We have such a strong support network for friends, family, neighbors, and former coworkers. We’ve been back in Utah 4 years, and it’s feeling harder to leave than when we left in 2006. But don’t you fret…we’ll still be back to visit. We’re planning to come back from Christmas.

Want to see us before we leave? On Saturday, November 16th, I’m going to hold a going away party open house. The location will be determined soon, but you can keep tabs on the event on the Facebook event. Hope to see you there!


  • Robin Line- Forbes

    Welcome to Michigan, my dear!! πŸ™‚ While I am a couple of hours away, we have family in the Detroit area, so we WILL meet up – even if we have to wait until spring to do it! lol Wishing you the best of luck – relocating is HARD and exhausting. Praying that everything works out perfectly!! P.S. GO TIGERS!!!!!! πŸ˜‰

  • cuteculturechick

    I’m excited that we’ll finally get to meet! I feel like I’ve been talking about my upcoming move for soooo long. Now it’s happening. I’m hoping that my energy holds out and everything goes smoothly. I look forward to that next trip you take down to Detroit πŸ™‚

  • Ashlee Prisbrey

    i’m SO excited for you, there are good and bad to moving, and for you being together is worth all of it! Yay for you guys!

  • cuteculturechick

    It’s really hard to move, but I know it’s the right time. Things are falling into place and I’m finally feeing better after being sick for so many months. The good part is that I’ll have my flight benefits and will still be able to visit SLC. I’ll be back for Christmas, and probably every few months. If you know of an event that needs a speaker, suggest me and I’ll fly in πŸ™‚

  • Megan

    So crazy!! You don’t know me from Adam (though we do follow each other on Twitter). I moved to Utah from Detroit (Dearborn) three years ago. πŸ™‚

  • Sometimes I make the dearest of friends by random connections like this. I’d love to connect further; I’ve only got a few people I know out there.

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