A Jumble of Thoughts

– We decided to have Rosie’s baptism in Utah. I had been convinced about California, then realized that a 2-day car rental at LAX would be $108 with tax. I can borrow my dad’s car in SLC, and my aunt offered her home for a potluck afterwards. Taylor will have to fly in the morning of, so it will be late afternoon. If you’re in SLC and want to come, let me know.

-I’m without my husband again on a Sunday. It’s been 3 months since we’ve gone to our ward together. Thank goodness he has Sundays off for September. He actually has a good schedule for September, 15 days off.

-I cut off another 4 inches of hair yesterday, totaling 7 total inches chopped this month. The first cut wasn’t quite drastic enough. Unfortunately, I haven’t ever had medium-length hair in a humid climate, and my natural curl is overpowering my flat-ironed effort.

-I’ve been craving all sorts of things I can’t get in Michigan: Honolulu Harry’s sweet potato stack, La Tolteca’s cheesy beans, El Pollo Loco, fountain horchata, Cafe Rio pork barbacoa, Leatherby’s, In-n-Out animal fries, Federico’s marzipan, Arctic Circle Pop Rocks Sundae, The Pie pizza, etc…

-I went to the Plymouth library yesterday. It’s one of the neatest community libraries I’ve been to. Downtown Plymouth is a fun place- it reminds me of Star’s Hollow.

-My sister Mary is leaving for BYU-Idaho in 10 days. Thinking about her has made me a little nostalgic for my year in Rexburg. I really liked my time there, but it’s hard to think of anything past December without thinking of my courtship with my ex-husband. I only had one set of roommates when I was at Ricks, one of them was Stacey. In July I spent a weekend with Stacey and her family in Kentucky. It was fun to reminisce of our time together, the way we’ve changed since, and swap mommy stories. Her daughter is so much like Rosie, I’m planning on another trip so they can bond over Hannah Montana, HSM, Webkinz, and all the other stuff they love.

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