In case you didn’t hear Taylor’s “leak” on Facebook earlier this week, the Bullock family is gearing up for another life change. We’ve been living in Michigan since January, and come January 2009 (or sooner!) we’ll be moving to Atlanta, GA. He’ll still be flying for the same company, but under new colors (which will coincidentally merge into one within the next few months.) His bid was originally approved for January 1, but he just got his October schedule, which shows him starting training October 12. That’s 3 weeks away.

“Why?” you may ask. Why would we be crazy enough to move to our fourth state in our nearly four-year marriage? We expect it to be an excellent career move. He’ll be upgrading to a nicer aircraft (from CRJ-200 to CRJ-900), and making a significant percentage more pay in his lowly F.O. pay. He’ll continue to have great schedules (sometimes up to 17 days off per month) and probably have less than 6 weeks on reserve. The wages in my industry are comparable, possibly more, and housing is affordable. We also have close friends in town, who have vowed to make it worth our while. We discussed having Taylor commute, but have decided we need to keep our family together. Atlanta was actually an option when we moved to Detroit, but at that time wages were the same, and he would have had to work 6 months in DTW before transitioning to ATL. The time is right, and we’re going with it.

Life in Michigan has been difficult for me. Four days after I arrived in the state, my dad was nearly killed in a car crash. I spent the majority of two months flying back and forth to SLC to keep things together for my family. I had a very unsuccessful semester of school that has truly shaken my confidence in ever finishing my bachelor degree. I’ve been sick over and over, and have gained a significant amount of weight. Our finances have been a wreck, and we’ve only survived through the generosity of family and church members. I took on an extremely challenging job that ends up keeping me continually stressed outside of work. The upcoming grayness and cold of another Michigan winter make me shudder. I only have a handful of friends here, but those I have become close to I will miss dearly.

The fact that we’ll be close to 76 locations of Chick-fil-a makes it a bit more tempting to move…

  • Erin

    Ditchers!!! 😉

    Actually I am secretly jealous. And I’m going to MISS you guys 🙁 but hey, I have family in ATL that I visit now and then, so when we’re down there we will ring you up.

    We’ve been talking on and off about going to ATL ever since Pinnacle signed on with Delta, but we just can’t make up our minds. Who knows if we ever will.


  • Lia

    What an adventurous life your living! Cheristy Monson lives down in Georgia somewhere. She’s on Facebook if you wanna find her. I’m sorry you’ve had a tough time lately. I saw your dad in the wheelchair in the baptism pictures. Is he still recovering? Will he be in the wheelchair long?

  • Lori

    Good luck in Atlanta. It sounds much better than snowy, cold Michigan.

  • Brittany Hanson

    I love your blog! I too am a pilot’s wife and I live in Peachtree City Georgia. I’m also LDS. I’m so glad I found another woman that is going through the same hardships with being a pilot’s wife and such.
    Good luck with your move. 🙂

  • Kim

    mmmmmm chick fil a…yummo~! I understand how hard it is to move..good luck.

  • KJ

    I think your pilot and mine fly for the same company, just a thought.
    Thanks for contacting me, I’ll keep checking out your blog.

  • The Wright Blog

    Our families sound so much alike. My DH and I have been married 5 years and have moved 4 times! We think it’s best to keep our family together too!

    Sounds like things will be better in ATL for y’all! Good luck with your move!

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