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My cousin Emily just post a fun little game. Rules: Open your picture file, go to the fourth folder, and then the fourth picture. Post the picture and write a little bit about what was going on!
This picture is from my company Christmas party in 2006. It was held at the Fairplex in Pomona. When we RSVP’d, we had to include a check for $160, which would be returned if we showed up. I don’t think the food was worth $80 a head, but the owner of the hospital is from India, and there was a table with some killer Indian food. There was a hypnotist show that some of my coworkers got pretty crazy with. Taylor complained all night that his 5 oz of diet Coke in a wine glass cost $5, especially because the hospital CEO was giving out tickets for free alcoholic drinks. This was about 2 weeks before Taylor left for Kingman to complete his commercial license, multi-engine and instrument ratings.

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