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glow-in-the-dark bowling shoesEver since I was I child, I’ve loved going bowling. This love is in direct correlation between how many episodes of The Flintstones I watched and now much I loved wearing funky retro bowling shoes. Bowling with friends gives you the chance to strut your stuff in front of others while hurling a heavy ball down a glossy lane of ten pins. It’s fun, it’s retro, and it’s recreational.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard I try to get a good score in bowling, I’m lucky to break 100.

While I was in college, I took a bowling class to sharpen my skills. On the first day of class, before learning any rules or basics of the game, we got to play a free round of bowling. I scored 111, which ended up being the highest score I achieved in 4 months of bowling classes and volunteering with the Special Olympics bowling league. I gained some good techniques, learned the lingo of the game, and am aware of physics of being a good bowler. But the more I focus on technique, the worse my score is at the end of the game.

Therefore, I’ve learned to play for the fun of the game, and to wear rocking bowling shoes.

I was contacted by to review a pair of shoes. Although I’ve had my own pairs of bowling shoes in the past, they were cheap, uncomfortable, and had an unnecessary amount of velcro. When I searched their site for a pair of shoes to select, I focused immediately on the Elite Neon Sun Ladies’ Bowling Shoes. Why? Because they GLOW IN THE DARK. If you know me at all, you know that I can’t resist the glow.  I think that nighttime cosmic bowling is the most fun, and these shoes are perfect for it!

elite neon sun bowling shoesThe shoes are matte black with a neon yellow/green tongue, logo, and laces, with white contrast stitching. When under black lighting, the shoes glow a cool greenish tint. The shoes are lightweight with a felty-bottomed universal slide sole. The fit is a little wider than the shoes you would rent from the bowling alley, which is good for my feet. I am not sure if the shoes are genuine leather or some type of vinyl composite…the descriptions on the product box and on other websites do not specify the materials.

In wearing the shoes around my hardwood-floored home, I did find them quite comfortable. The soles had just the right amount of grip/slide that I like for my game, and there was adequate support within the shoe. My only complaint is that the back heel portion of the shoe is very stiff, and made my skin feel raw after a few minutes. I think I’m more prone to that  shoe/heel rubbing than the average person, so next time I’ll wear some padded athletic socks to minimize the friction.

The Elite Neon Sun shoes are available for $49.99 through, which is an affordable mid-range price for the casual bowler. Owning your own bowling shoes means that you don’t have to deal with the germs that the rental shoes can have. I’ve always hated watching bowling alley employees “spray and pray” away the germs with aerosol disinfectant, so I’m happy to only deal with my own foot germs.

I can’t wait to try these shoes out in action. I found a bowling alley less than a mile from my house that has cosmic bowling and karaoke on the weekends. Paired with some funky socks and a striped shirt, I’ll be glowing with pride in my new bowling shoes.

Disclosure: I was provided with a complimentary pair of bowling shoes from in exchange for a review. Images in the review are property of their website, but opinions are all my own. Retail value of the shoes is $49.99.

Wordless Wednesday: Kickboxing Bloggers

bloggers night at title boxing utah

Blogger’s Night Out at Title Boxing Utah

Pop Culture Year in Review: Top Picks Of 2012

best movies music tv of 2012

favorite movies music tv 2012

At the end of (almost) every year, I do a recap of my favorite things in pop culture for the ending year. Because I’m a “culture chick”, my picks revolve around movies, music, and television, it’s a fun time to look over the stuff that most influenced my pop culture addiction for the last 365 days. Here are my 2012 picks.

Favorite Songs of 2012

  • “Disconnected” – Keane
  • “Take a Walk” – Passion Pit
  • “Madness” – Muse
  • “Somebody That I Used to Know” – Gotye
  • “It’s Time” – Imagine Dragons
  • “Too Close” – Alex Clare
  • “Ho Hey” – The Lumineers
  • “Everybody Talks” – Neon Trees
  • “Lights” – Ellie Goulding
  • “Silenced By The Night” – Keane
  • “Glad You Came” – The Wanted
  • “Stereo Hearts” – Gym Class Heroes/Adam Levine
  • “Tongue Tied” – Grouplove
  • “Not Over You” – Gavin DeGraw

breaking bad 2012 castFavorite Television Shows of 2012

  • Breaking Bad
  • Big Bang Theory
  • Mad Men
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Community
  • The New Girl
  • Gossip Girl
  • Weeds

Favorite movies of 2012

  • Les Miserables
  • Moonrise Kingdom
  • The Hunger Games
  • Skyfall
  • Wreck-It Ralph
  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower
  • Brave
  • The Inbetweeners
  • Ted

dumb ways to dieFavorite YouTube videos of 2012

Wicked at Apollo Victoria LondonFavorite Live Performances Attended in 2012

  • Wicked at London’s Apollo Victoria Theater
  • Les Miserables at the Utah Shakespearean Festival
  • Keane in Salt Lake City
  • Stones in His Pockets at the Utah Shakespearean Festival
  • Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert
  • Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at Murray City Amphitheater
  • Miscellaneous bands playing at the Cavern Club in Liverpool, England
  • Fictionist at Provo Rooftop Concert Series

Giveaway – Breathing Space Blogger Retreat

breathing space blogger retreatHave you heard about Breathing Space blogger retreat? It is a 2 day gathering of bloggers to relax, get to know each other, and fun held in Utah’s Daybreak Community in South Jordan. Not only will bloggers get to learn new things and have a fun time, they will be able to have a “bed and breakfast” experience sleeping in the gorgeous model homes in Daybreak! Classes will range from floral arranging to photography, quilting to cooking, and more.

Breathing Space will be held Friday May 4th at 3:00 pm to Saturday May 5th at 7:00 pm. Registration has been conveniently priced at $75 to make it affordable for all. Registration includes four catered meals, a choice of seven of the fifteen different classes, ‘dorm style’ sleeping arrangements in the model homes, and lots of free swag from our sponsors like Diet Coke, Chick-fil-a, Sweet Tooth Fairy, Whippy Cake, Torani Italian Syrups, Crabtree and Evelyn, and the Color Me Rad 5k (and you get a free ticket to the race with your registration as well!) There will be a Stepford Wives party and a Cinco de Mayo fiesta too!

I am on the event council for Breathing Space, and it’s been amazing to help put this event together. I’ve gotten to know other bloggers, been able to help seek out sponsors. We have a weekly #BreathingSpace Twitter chat to help get to know other bloggers before the event, which will help take away some of the awkwardness of being thrown together in a room with only a few people you recognize. I’ve been to a lot of blogging conferences, and I’m excited to attend Breathing Space where it has a great line-up of classes and activities, but is on a smaller scale so you can get to know everyone.

GIVEAWAY: I am giving away one ticket for full registration for Breathing Space. Currently, there are only a handful of tickets, and it’s possible that the registration may be closed before the event when the giveaway ends. Ticket is valued at $75 and is transferable if you are unable to attend (you’ll just need to let me or someone else on the council know.) Join in on this unforgettable experience!

To Enter:

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Giveaway ends SUNDAY, APRIL 22nd at 5:00 PM


Wordless Wednesday: Tortilla Face

Rosie has a tortilla face!

Rosie has a tortilla face! With funny random things like this, there’s no doubt why I keep her around (other than the fact that she’s my daughter)

Ignite Salt Lake Tonight!

Tonight’s the night! Ignite Salt Lake 7! I will be speaking at Ignite with 15 other people,  just as passionate as I am. My topic is “Enjoy Your Time At The Airport, Whether or Not Your Junk is Touched.”

Nicole Bullock ignite salt lake

Event: Ignite Salt Lake

Place: Thanksgiving Point Show Barn, Lehi, UT

Time: Socializing 6:30. Presentations start around 7pm. Intermission will include “Ignite Karaoke.” I’m speaking in the second half.

Price: FREE!

Ages: It’s an all-ages venue, however humor tends to be PG-13 at this event


My Evil Cult Avatar

cuteculturechic is in an evil cult

cuteCULTurechic by @joshspeters

Thanks to Josh Peters, I have an evil avatar to emphasize the CULT in cuteCULTurechick.***

Yesterday on Twitter, Stephanie, aka @sahans, was going through a tweet-life crisis. She was brainstorming ideas for a new Twitter handle. I suggested a few…specifically ones that had to do with her obsessions of Snuggies, BumpIts, unicorns and sparkly things. I still think @Stephicorny was the best, but she decided to stick with @sahans. In this discussion, Josh joked about the evil pronunciation of Sahans = sawhands. One thing led to another, and Stephanie became “Sawhands McSnuggie.”

@sahans evil avatar
Changing your online persona can be a pretty traumatic experience. Your name becomes your “personal brand.” Once you change your username, especially on Twitter…you can lose a bit of your identity. Do I love my name “cuteculturechick?” Well, it worked for my online dating profile in 2003, and it’s just stuck with me. If I’d been thinking clearly when I grabbed a Twitter account in 2008, I would have picked @nicolebullock. I have @_nicolebullock that I use occasionally (typically for LDS General Conference). But once you’ve established yourself online, and branded yourself…it’s just impossible to give up who you are.

But in the meantime, Steph and I have AWESOME evil avatars. Thanks, Josh!

***I’m not really in a cult, despite what many say about my faith

iPhone 4 Sushi

iphone 4 sushi

Like your iPhone 4? Like sushi? Why not put them together???

Check out the Extremely Realistic iPhone 4 Sushi Case!

It’s the perfect case to entertain you when your autocorrect is actually working correctly. If there weren’t already enough hipsters in your local sushi joint, this case will assure you to crave sushi everytime your phone buzzes.

This is the type of stuff that entertains me on a Friday afternoon.

FourSquare Cheater Rant

One of my favorite iPhone apps is FourSquare, aka #Foursquare and #4sq on Twitter. FourSquare is a location-based social networking website, software for mobile devices, and a game. Registered users can update their location and connect with friends via mobile application (iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Palm, etc). FourSquare gives you the option to connect to  Facebook and Twitter to share your checkins as you choose to. It’s a great way to see where your friends are, get ideas on places to eat, and highlight local businesses.

Points and incentive badges are awarded for adding new venues, checking in with a certain frequency, or for visiting a specific venue a designated amount of times. When a user has checked in more times at a specific venue than any other user, they will be crowned “mayor.”

When you have a suggestion that other visitors might enjoy at the venue, pay it forward and post a tip. You may save someone a really awful meal/experience by giving them the heads-up.

I have to admit that FourSquare can get very addicting. I started “playing” at the end of January, and I was one of only two “players” in Spanish Fork. The southern Utah County area was barely touched with places to check in, and I racked up points like crazy going to all the places I frequent. One problem is that there are no firm/established guidelines or rules for Foursquare use, and it would be helpful if new users were given some type of etiquette tutorial. The etiquette for FourSquare use seems to be constantly evolving. Unfortunately, as anything gains momentum and becomes popular, people are going to start cheating.  Within the past 5 days, I’ve gone from 31 mayorships to 14, due to two particular local newbie cheaters. Can you guess who?

Is it really worth your integrity to cheat on a social networking game? Why knock off the rightful mayors, who actually support local businesses, with driveby checkins at places you don’t even frequent? The two particular cheaters have already put in 50+ checkins in 4 days, and are threatening to oust me from the rest of my local spots. Why would someone want to be the mayor of a physical therapy office, if they’ve never had an injury? What’s the street cred (other than drug seeker) in having twice-daily stops at a pharmacy? What’s the worth in checking in at a library when they aren’t even open on Sundays? Most of my frequent stops in town know me by name, appreciate my business, read the reviews I’ve written on my blog, and smile when I walk in their store. I’m a competitive person, and this game is right up my alley, but I’m not willing to cheat to stay on top.

A personal word to cheaters: If you REALLY want to rack up mayorships and points, add your own venues. Don’t steal the mayorships that are valid and earned honestly? You get +5 points for every place you add. Sure, it’s easy to open the app, punch in rapid-fire driveby checkins, and hurt feelings. But also…once you’ve ousted me, I’ve got your info. I have a personal contact at FourSquare that has asked me to tattle on the local newbie cheaters. Once you show a series of invalid checkins, you WILL be banned. And what fun is that?

To all the FourSquare Cheaters out there…this badge is for you:

Is It Any Wonder?

Here’s another video that makes me smile now matter how bad my day is. It’s a mashup of Keane’s “Is it Any Wonder” with the Armi Danny video (Voted the worst video of all time). Anyone want to learn the choreography with me? Looks like a perfect talent show skit to me!