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Get Your Strike On With BowlingShoes.com

glow-in-the-dark bowling shoes

Ever since I was I child, I’ve loved going bowling. This love is in direct correlation between how many episodes of The Flintstones I watched and now much I loved wearing funky retro bowling shoes. Bowling with friends gives you the chance to strut your stuff in front of others while hurling a heavy ball […]


Wordless Wednesday: Kickboxing Bloggers

Blogger’s Night Out at Title Boxing Utah


Pop Culture Year in Review: Top Picks Of 2012

favorite movies music tv 2012

At the end of (almost) every year, I do a recap of my favorite things in pop culture for the ending year. Because I’m a “culture chick”, my picks revolve around movies, music, and television, it’s a fun time to look over the stuff that most influenced my pop culture addiction for the last 365 […]

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Giveaway – Breathing Space Blogger Retreat

Have you heard about Breathing Space blogger retreat? It is a 2 day gathering of bloggers to relax, get to know each other, and fun held in Utah’s Daybreak Community in South Jordan. Not only will bloggers get to learn new things and have a fun time, they will be able to have a “bed and […]


Wordless Wednesday: Tortilla Face

Rosie has a tortilla face! With funny random things like this, there’s no doubt why I keep her around (other than the fact that she’s my daughter)


Ignite Salt Lake Tonight!

Tonight’s the night! Ignite Salt Lake 7! I will be speaking at Ignite with 15 other people,  just as passionate as I am. My topic is “Enjoy Your Time At The Airport, Whether or Not Your Junk is Touched.” Event: Ignite Salt Lake Place: Thanksgiving Point Show Barn, Lehi, UT Time: Socializing 6:30. Presentations start […]


My Evil Cult Avatar

Thanks to Josh Peters, I have an evil avatar to emphasize the CULT in cuteCULTurechick.*** Yesterday on Twitter, Stephanie, aka @sahans, was going through a tweet-life crisis. She was brainstorming ideas for a new Twitter handle. I suggested a few…specifically ones that had to do with her obsessions of Snuggies, BumpIts, unicorns and sparkly things. […]


iPhone 4 Sushi

Like your iPhone 4? Like sushi? Why not put them together??? Check out the Extremely Realistic iPhone 4 Sushi Case! It’s the perfect case to entertain you when your autocorrect is actually working correctly. If there weren’t already enough hipsters in your local sushi joint, this case will assure you to crave sushi everytime your […]


FourSquare Cheater Rant

One of my favorite iPhone apps is FourSquare, aka #Foursquare and #4sq on Twitter. FourSquare is a location-based social networking website, software for mobile devices, and a game. Registered users can update their location and connect with friends via mobile application (iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Palm, etc). FourSquare gives you the option to connect to  Facebook […]

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Is It Any Wonder?

Here’s another video that makes me smile now matter how bad my day is. It’s a mashup of Keane’s “Is it Any Wonder” with the Armi Danny video (Voted the worst video of all time). Anyone want to learn the choreography with me? Looks like a perfect talent show skit to me!

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